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Discarding his decades long policy of avoiding public appearances in New York City before the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Santa made a special, and very public stop at Madison Square Garden at the request of one of his biggest fans. This special Santa sighting took place on April 6th, 2013 at the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame Induction, to which one of the inductees had extended Santa a special invitation.

Rumor swirled backstage that Santa might be a no-show, prompting Hall of Fame inductee, and well-known Santa Claus fanatic Mick Foley to speculate that “apparently the man who delivers toys to 357 million homes on a single evening couldn’t find the world’s most famous arena.” But at the end of Foley’s speech, the man known as The Hardcore Legend, heard the familiar jingling of bells, prompting this barrel-chested behemoth to transform into a little boy – shouting “Santa, Santa! I know him! I know him!” With that, Santa Claus himself, followed by Mrs Claus walked onto the stage, prompting a thunderous response from 17,000 appreciative wrestling fans, who knew that a visit from Saint Nicholas was exactly what was needed to make Mick’s night complete. Santa even unveiled a custom-made one of a kind Santa coat and hat, fashioned just for Foley out of red and black checkered flannel – adding a North Pole flair to Foley’s traditional flannel fare.

When asked about the special visit, the notoriously shy Santa explained that “I just have a soft spot in my heart for the grown men like Mick who never stop believing in the wonder and magic of Christmas. People who carry a little bit of that Christmas spirit around with them all year round help make the world a happier, kinder place. So, when I received the invitation, I felt like I just had to go.”

Santa seemed somewhat hesitant to talk about his April appearance in The Big Apple, as his visits in the New York area are usually limited to visits on a smaller scale (which can be arranged right here on Santa’s website) and to the incredible work Saint Nick has done in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. But Santa couldn’t hold back a hearty ho-ho-ho when asked how it felt to feel the love from so many on such a special night. “I have to admit that it was great to be here…RIGHT HERE in New York City”

When asked for a comment on his big night, Foley himself would only say, repeatedly, “Santa! I know him! I know him!”

A great time was had by all, and Santa himself served up some of his famous pulled pork ravioli at the Foley post-show celebration.